Why Does Tayrona Park close three times a year since 2020?
Tayrona Park close

As you may have heard by now. Tayrona National Park will be closing 3 times per year since 2020. This agreement was settled by Mamos and leaders of the four indigenous communities in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and National Parks of Colombia.

The main reason of Tayrona closing

Keep in mind that Tayrona National Park is one of the most visited places in Colombia. Therefore, the purpose is to give a break to the park. Which will be closed during the driest time of the year, in order to reduce the stress of the ecosystem. Moreover, this is the best season for indigenous people to do their payments. Because, more than a park, Tayrona is a home of ancient tribes, and many species of animals and plants.

When does Tayrona Park close?

The park will be closed throughout the month of February (1st – 29th), June (15 days) and since October 19th to November 2nd (15 days), in order to preserve the ecosystem and sacred places.

Tayrona Park Close
Tayrona National Park closes once a year

What do Kogui people do during this periods?

Indigenous send energies of gratitude and love to Mother Earth. They also intend to do payments on the sacred sites for the recovery of environment and cultural healing of the territory. Renewing the spirit of the place. It’s important to understand the park as a living organism that also needs a β€œholiday”…

The benefits of its closing are undeniable. In previous times that Tayrona has closed for tourism. Animals go to the beaches, even jaguars, cougars and Paujil de pico azul (endemic endangered specie) have been observed. According to John Jairo Restrepo, the park manager. Who indicates that those animals in Tayrona are part of fruits conservation.

Tayrona National Park will be closed 3 times in 2020

During February 2019 four indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada Arhuaco, Kogui, Wiwa and Kankuamo had an official meeting with National Parks of Colombia. They agreed to close Tayrona Park 3 times a year in 2020 and also the closure of four areas inside Tayrona Park.

What places are forbidden to visitors in Tayrona Park since 2019?

Los Naranjos, Pueblito Chairama, Chengue and a part of BahΓ­a Concha

To understand and accept the permanent closure of these areas try to connect with indigenous people worldview and the rights they have over their lands.

So, respect this, remember these places have a big importance for colombian ethnic groups.

You can also send good energies to the park during this break. And wait for March to visit this amazing place, or take a look to this post:

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