Awesome campings inside Tayrona Park | 2020
Tents in Cabo San Juan (Tayrona)

Looking for the best campsite in Tayrona Park? We tell you everything you need to know about camping areas in Tayrona. Most popular campings are located in Arrecifes and Cabo San Juan. The overnight experience in Tayrona National Park is unbeliavable, so definitely you should do it at least once.

Tent or Hammock? This is typical question, I prefer hammock to feel wind. If you don’t tolerate heat I wouldn’t recommend you to stay in a Tent. Still you can also find bedrooms in Tayrona National Park, not only in Eco Habs. 

In this post we are going to show you all the options to camp in Tayrona. In order you can take a choice that better suits you.

Camping in Cabo San Juan

Cabo is the best beach in Tayrona Park, so probably it’s the best place to camp (during low season), because, you can enjoy a gorgeous sunset and sunrise. I don’t recommend to stay there on peak season, it’s too crowded and it’s hard to find a place.

Budget per night: 

Hammocks with mosquito net: 25.000 COP – 50.000 COP

Tents: 30.000 COP – 40.000 COP per person

Cabins: 200.000 COP

(Prices are going to change depending on season and the accomodation you select, in Cabo San Juan the most expensive hammocks are located in a central cabin on top of rocks)

How to book accomodation in Cabo San Juan?

I’ve read and heard in some places that isn’t possible to book a hammock online to stay in Cabo, it is possible, you can get in touch with the owners of Cabo San Juan Camping sending an e-mail or whatsapp (mostly in Spanish and sometimes takes time to get in touch). Besides, you can also book from the main entrance of Tayrona Park, where is cheaper (25.000 COP Hammocks – 35.000 COP per person in Tents), you will see some stands and for sure some seller approaching.

They also offer cabins in Cabo for 200.000 COP per night for two people, but not really comfortable for that price.

NOTE: Bring your lock to save anything valuable.

Cabo San Juan – Contact:

Whatsapp:  +573112357623 / +573114814180 


Arrecifes Campsite

In terms of facilities, Arrecifes is the best place to camp in Tayrona, they have private rooms, tents, bathroom area, 100 hammocks with mosquito nets, restaurant, electricity and a big roof for rainy season. It’s still a good location because you’ll be around 35 minutes walking from Cabo San Juan.

Camping Arrecifes Tayrona
Tents in Camping Arrecifes, Tayrona Park

Be aware that Arrecifes area has at least 4 camping areas. Some campings are cheaper, but less comfortable than the main one, managed by Aviatur.

Budget per night: 

Double room: 150.000 COP 

Family Room: 200.000 COP

Aviatur – Contact:

Whatsapp: +573229052286


Castilletes Campsite

Castilletes is away from Tayrona National Park Parking (where Arrecifes Trail to Cabo San Juan starts). It’s a good option for those who don’t love to camp because you can sleep in a private or family room, nothing compared to Eco Habs, but pretty decent. This accomodation has a private beach, but it’s not available for swimming.

Budget per night: 

Double room: 150.000 COP 

Family Room: 200.000 COP

Hammocks: 30.000 COP

Tents: 35.000 COP per person

Castilletes – Contact:

Whatsapp: +573004055547


Camping in Playa Brava

If you want to be connected with nature and away of crowds Playa Brava is a good choice. We must say the path to Playa Brava is a bit difficult and there are no motorbikes or cars to drive you there.

Bungalows are basic, so isn’t a place to people looking for luxury. It’s more a place for nature lovers because, you will see turtles in the area and also a waterfall 20 minutes walking from the campsite. To reach Cabo San Juan you’ll need to walk about 3 hours.

Budget per night:

Double Room: 190.000 COP – 200.000 COP

Family Room: 210.000 COP – 240.000 COP

Playa Brava – Contact:

Whatsapp: +573152300818


Camping Don Pedro

During peak season some campings are totally full making hard to find a place, Camping Don Pedro is less known by tourists, they are located about 45 minutes walking from Cabo San Juan and 7 minutes from Arenillas Beach. Cabins are very simple, also cheaper than the other options. They have a restaurant, bathrooms and lockers.

Budget per night: 

Cabins: 70.000 COP
Tents: 30.000 COP 
Hammocks: 25.000 COP

Camping Don Pedro – Contact:

Whatsapp: +57 302 2253105

Facebook: CabaΓ±as Camping Don Pedro

Camping Don Pedro Tayrona Park
Tents in Camping Don Pedro


None of these accomodations have Wi-Fi connection, if you are more interested in finding a nice hostel nearby Tayrona Park you can check these posts:



  1. Rahul Kalvapalle February 12, 2020 Reply

    Hi, is April-May considered low season here? Will it be okay to go to Cabo San Juan during this time?

    • majocamelo March 11, 2020 Reply

      Yes, it’s consider low season. Except some special holidays (April 9th and 10th)

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