What is the Best Season to Visit Tayrona National Park?
Best time to visit Tayrona Park

The best time to visit Tayrona Park is finding low crowded seasons. Peak season in Tayrona National Park starts in mid-December until January ends, likewise since June 15th  to July 15th. During Easter, weekends and special holidays Colombian tourists visit massively the park, so maybe you must take a look on Colombian festivities.

The best time to visit Tayrona:

You’ll find less people during weekdays without festivities and during March, July and August.

When you should not visit Tayrona Park?

Remember Tayrona Park closes a complete month because of spiritual cleansing and special rituals made by Kogui People (January 28th – February 28th).


When is rainy season in Tayrona?

Tayrona Park in a rainy day
A view from Tayrona Park in a cloudy day


Normally, April and November are rainy months in Colombian Coast. May, September and October have the worst weather. Still during this season, usually in the morning is sunny and afternoons are rainy, so definitely  not a good time to camp or sleep on a hammock. Therefore, hostels are cheaper, so you can try to stay in a place with roof like Camping Castilletes or find accomodation close to the park.

If you’re interested in watching caimans, rainy season can be a good time for it, but you won’t enjoy properly Tayrona Park landscapes.



Best time to visit Tayrona Park
Turquoise sea will depend on the weather

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