Top 6: Fancy Hotels Nearby Tayrona National Park

Looking for a fancy trip to Tayrona Park? Most people don’t go to Tayrona to find comfort, because,  it’s more a jungle paradise with crazy animals and big beaches. Also, staying in a campsite is an affordable choice, but if you are reading this post you’ll  probably don’t like to spend your night on a hammock or in a hot tent. That’s why you want a wonderful bedroom where you can sleep like a baby.

Villa Playa Los Naranjos

Villa Playa Los Naranjos is an exclusive accomodation nearby Tayrona Park main entrance, they have a space designed for groups or families, rooms are equipped with one double bed and a single bed. The pool is amazing, also it has an incredible view of sea and they are located nearby  “Playa Los Naranjos“, “Playa Los Ángeles” and “Playa Los Cocos”.

Services: Bar – Free Wi-Fi – Pool – Private Beach

Price: 650.000 COP per night (2 people room) /$200.58 (USD)


Find out the best hotels in Tayrona
Villa Playa Los Naranjos is nearby Tayrona Park

Casa Barlovento

Casa Barlovento has awesome rooms and enough common areas to enjoy.  You will wake up just in front sea view and a big pool. Barlovento and Villa Playa are located in the same hotel complex, so it’s also close to beaches mentioned before. If you stay in this hotel, it’s hard to find food nearby, at least you buy a meal in their restaurant. Service hours are very specifical.

Services: Bar – Free Wi-Fi – Pool – Private Beach

Price: 510.000 COP per night / $157 .38 (USD)


Casa Barlovento is a fancy hotel
Casa Barlovento in Los Naranjos

Kantawa Hotel & Spa

Kantawa is a place to find relax because their service is orientated to provide spa services and a quiet ambiance. It has great facilities like a room with jacuzzi, pool, spa area and hydromassage chairs. You will have fresh water to swim in the river, but beaches are about 2 hours away by bus and Tayrona National Park main entrance is located 1 hour from the hotel.

Services: Minibar – Free Wi-Fi – Pool – River Area

Price: 315.000 COP per night / $97 .20 (USD)


Fancy spa hotel close to Tayrona Park
Spa hotel close to Tayrona National Park


Villa María

Villa María is located 7 km from main entrance of Tayrona National Park. The hotel has high quality dishes and is nearby Los Cocos Beach, there is a path from Villa María to beach. You can enjoy a little pool and big double rooms with balcony and great attention provided by its staff. Besides, close to the accomodation is easy to find stores to shop basic food (bread, juices, coke, vegetables…) and catch a bus to Tayrona Park or Santa Marta.

Price: 466.000 COP per night / $143.80 (USD)

Services: Pool – Beach – TV Room – Bar – WiFi


Hotel with private beach nearby Tayrona Park
Hotel wih private beach close to Tayrona Park (Villa María Tayrona)


Gitana del Mar

Rooms in Gitana del Mar are spacious and well designed, in terms of structure this is a beautifull place to stay. The hotel has facilities to practice yoga and kayaking. Beach and the river are nearby. Tayrona Park is located 15 minutes from the hotel by bus.


Double: 320.000 COP per night / $98.75 (USD)

Dorms: 45.000 COP per night / $13.89 (USD)

Services: River – Beach – Bar – WiFi


Hotel nearby Tayrona Park
Cabins of Gitana del Mar Hotel

Tayrona Ecohabs [Inside Tayrona National Park]

If you want to stay inside Tayrona Park in a fancy place, the only option is Tayrona Ecohabs. This hotel also has a private beach to enjoy Caribbean Sea, spa facilities and jacuzzi  with sea view. They have WiFi conection, but is limited because its location. Be aware that processing a cancellation of your reservation is not free in this hotel.

Services: Beach – Bar – WiFi – Jacuzzi

Double Rooms: $388 (USD) per night


Tayrona Ecohabs inside Tayrona National Park
Jacuzzi in Tayrona Ecohabs

Playa Koralia

Playa Koralia is highly orientated to serve vegetarian dishes and provide a romantic ambiance, rooms are comfortable and it has a nice beach to enjoy sunset. The place is quiet, surrounded by nature and wonderful common spaces to chill.

Services: Beach – Bar – WiFi -Free Parking – Wellness

Price: 792.000 COP per night (Including 3 meals) / $244.19 (USD)


Romantic room nearby Tayrona National Park
Double Room in Playa Koralia

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