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The ecohotel Yachay Tayrona is a comfortable place to stay inside Tayrona Park in case you…

Why Does Tayrona Park close for One Month?

Tayrona Park close

As you may have heard by now. Tayrona National Park closes every year during a month….

FeaturedIs Yellow Fever Vaccination Required to Enter Tayrona?

Yellow fever vaccination is one of the things you might need during your trip to Colombia….

5 Amazing Plans Outside Tayrona National Park, Travel Guide

caiman colombia

Tayrona National Park is famous for its beautiful coast and caribbean beaches. But this time, we…

Awesome campings inside Tayrona Park | 2019

Tents in Cabo San Juan (Tayrona)

Looking for the best campsite in Tayrona Park? We tell you everything you need to know…

Top 6: Fancy Hotels Nearby Tayrona National Park

Looking for a fancy trip to Tayrona Park? Most people don’t go to Tayrona to find…

10 THINGS to do in TAYRONA National Park

Dive in Tayrona

What to do in Tayrona National Park? Parque Tayrona is a vast area with amazing landscapes…

What is the Best Season to Visit Tayrona National Park?

Best time to visit Tayrona Park

The best time to visit Tayrona Park is finding low crowded seasons. Peak season in Tayrona…

Best and the Most Beautiful Beaches in Tayrona National Park (El Zaino) Top:5

One of the less visited beaches in Tayrona National Park. Caribbean sea and the mountain range as part of the landscape.

Tayrona Natural National Park is one of the most famous parks in Colombia. It’s visited by…

How many nights should I spend in Tayrona Park? | Daily itineraries

Tayrona Park Cabo San Juan Beach

The average travelers choose to stay two or three nights in Tayrona National Park. Depending on…