Tayrona National Park is closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 

National Parks of Colombia authorized the closure of 23 protected areas of the country, Tayrona Park is included in this preventive action to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Nobody knows exactly how long are going to be closed all the National Parks of Colombia.

But as long the country is in a health emergency, you shouldn’t travel and if you’re already in Colombia, stay at the hotel or home to take care of your and others health.

Even if you want to come, you can’t get to Colombia:

Colombian borders are closed, the entrance of tourists and flights to the country are restricted.

Recommendations if you bought tickets or book some accommodation in Colombia:

  1. Ask directly to the company where you made the reservation and plan your trip on another date (From May to June)
  2. Keep yourself informed about updates of Covid-19 and what to do to avoid the virus.
  3. Use your time at home to keep planing your trip on a different date.
  4. Don’t panic, if we quarantine this issue will be fixed sooner.

Follow all the recommendations to avoid getting sick. Eat healthily and wash your hands with soap, alcohol or antibacterial every 3 hours.

Find more information about this disease checking these e-book:

☞ What to do if you’re stuck in Santa Marta due to Covid-19:

Some hotels and hostels located in Buritaca, Guachaca, and Minca are available for those who want to quarantine in wonderful landscapes and with the best attention.

Covid 19 quarantine close to Santa Marta
Spent Covid-19 quarantine in a magical place

☞ Some accommodations close to Santa Marta are still available:

In case you have to stay for two or three weeks, you can have a 10% off in The Journey Hostel and  30% off in Costeño Beach (for 7 days)

El Río Hostel has 30% off in your accommodation if you stay 7 days and 50% off if you stay 14 days.

La Brisa Tranquila, has 20% off in accommodation for 5 days, 35% staying 10 days and 50% off whether you spend 15 days.

Finca Barlovento, Kasamar Tayrona, Ecohotel Chayrama, Wachakyta Ecohostel and El Viajero are also open to give the best quarantine to those who can’t go back home.

In Minca we recommend you to book in Casa Relax or Costeño River.

Remember Santa Marta is in a curfew from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am. In case you need any supply, you can find masks and antibacterial on Amazon:

☞ What to do if I’m stuck in Colombia and I don’t have enough money?

  1. Try to find a good voluntary job, you can look for some in many Facebook Groups.
  2. Ask help to your family







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