Taganga is a fishermen town close to Santa Marta City, it  borders with Tayrona National Park sea. In the town you’ll find plenty Diving Centers to accomplish a PADI Certification for around $250 and take a fun dive for  less than $65. So Taganga is an inexpensive location to dive in Colombia. Most of the professional academies go to Tayrona Park and its surroundings.

Blowfish Taganga
Corals and Blowfish in Taganga

Moreover, Taganga has amazing beaches were you can swim and go snorkeling.  You can easily go from one beach to another by swimming -in case you’re a professional-. By the way, sea in Taganga Bay is super quiet.

If you go to Taganga PLEASE don’t visit the main beach, go to Playa Grande or other little beaches like Siziguaka and Monokuaca, you can go there hiking through mountains. Try to do it early. Because, some people have reported robberies in this sector.

Taganga is a shore to reach Tayrona Park

From this bay you can reach by boat easily beaches like Cabo San Juan, Chengue Bay, Playa Cristal, Granate and Cinto Bay. A good choice for those who don’t want long hikes.  

beach of Taganga
Taganga beach

Things to Know about Taganga

WHERE TO TAKE A BUS TO TAGANGA? Buses to Taganga pass through “Carrera 5ta” of Santa Marta center and Santa Marta’s Market. You can take a bus to Taganga in any of these places or take a taxi. 

Taganga Bay is approximately 20 minutes from Santa Marta center in a normal traffic day.

A CHEAP PLACE TO STAY: Accomodation in Taganga is cheap compared to other places in Santa Marta. A decent dorm costs 25.000 COP per night.

TAGANGA IS AN AREA FULL OF TOURISTS: It’s common to find restaurants, stores and a lot of people selling tours. Of course, to eat fish is very affordable, you’ll always see fishermen in the shore with their catch. Mostly during evenings or in the morning.

NOTE: Taganga has only one ATM, sometimes it works and others doesn’t.

Taganga fishermen beach
Taganga: Isolated fishermen beach
Sunset in Taganga, Santa Marta
Beautiful sunset in Taganga

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