Staying in Yachay Tayrona a marvelous ecohotel in Tayrona National Park
Yachay Tayrona Hotel

Yachay Tayrona is a comfortable place to stay inside Tayrona Park in case you don’t like campings and hammocks. There you will find charming double and family rooms to rest in the middle of nature, the perfect place to be if you prefer quiet accomodations, birdwatching and eco tours.

Double room in Ecohotel Yachay Tayrona
Double room in Yachay Tayrona

Location of Yachay Tayrona

This Eco hotel is located inside Tayrona National Park. Just ten minutes from the main entrance El Zaino and around 5 km to Cañaveral beach. This location just in the middle of the jungle -Can blow your senses-. In Yachay you will be surrounded by nature and wildlife including monkeys and many birds, as colorful hummingbirds.  This location also results in a great advantage due to you can start your Tayrona adventure before it opens. Imagine being the first in the trails to those beautiful and amazing beaches of Tayrona National Park. 

*Km 33 Vía Santa Marta- Riohacha.

*1 km inside by El Zaino entrance.

Mountains in Yachay Tayrona
Mountains and trees just in front of Yachay Tayrona

The ecohotel is a great option to enjoy Tayrona Park

This beautiful Eco Hotel was built to be in harmony with nature. Yachay reduces the impact in the environment and also offers a conscious tourism. Where one of the main purposes is to be comfortable in contact with nature. Besides, the hotel has a green and flowery garden that embellishes the place.  In Yachay, there is also a hammock area, settled in a balcony that gives outstanding views of the mountains and the exuberant vegetation. Resulting in a beautiful scenery. 

Accommodation in Yachay

It is pleasant to see Yachay respects and fits so well to the environment. We had the chance to stay in the Junior Suite. It is in the third floor and it has a private terrace with hammocks. So, the view from there was impressive. We slept in a comfortable room with double bed, a sofa and private bathroom. All the rooms have ceiling fans that helps with the heat, humidity and some bugs. Keep in mind that Yachay Tayrona is in the middle of the jungle. You also can book double and family rooms. 

Room in Yachay Tayrona
A perfect room for families in Tayrona Park

Restaurant of Yachay Tayrona

Keep in mind, that Yachay is inside Tayrona. Therefore, stores are quite far from it. But, it is not an issue, due to in Yachay you can find delicious meals and desserts. 

Pancakes in Ecohotel Yachay
Delicious hamburger in Yachay Tayrona


All the beauty that Yachay has, and all the beauty that surrounds this Eco Hotel would be meaningless if the staff was not as kind and helpful as it was. All the people there seem truly happy to be there. And you notice that in how they do their different jobs. The attention from the reception made us feel already welcomed. People in charge of maintenance and cleaning, the gardener who knew how and where to observe wildlife, people in the restaurant and the owners. Thanks to all of them. We had a great experience in Yachay Tayrona. A real Yachay experience inside Tayrona National Park.  

Yachay is a place to connect with nature, to relax in a calm and green environment. It is a good step to start exploring Tayrona park. Book and live the experience. 

Yachay Tayrona Staff
View of the mountains and the staff of Yachay Tayrona


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