Pueblito Chayrama – Tayrona Park

Unfortunately Pueblito Chayrama was permanently closed since February 2019. After a meetings between National Parks of Colombia and indigenous communities of Tayrona Park area. Native communities demanded to protect enviroment and sacred places inside the park.

Don’t try to reach this place by yourself and respect the decision of Kogui people to protect their lands.

But we don’t want to erase our experience from the blog, just in case they open this beautiful place again:

Pueblito Chayrama is an indigenous community (Kogui) inside Tayrona National Park. Koguis still live in their houses built with natural resources. They cook on bonfires. Also, they celebrate and maintain their traditions.

In Pueblito you will have contact with Tayrona culture and its history. You can visit Pueblito by your own, greeting Koguis, taking pictures and exploring the area. There are ancient carved stones with pictograms and chairs made centuries ago by Tayrona people. 

Pueblito Chayrama community
Pueblito Chayrama is covered by big trees

Who are Koguis?

Kogui is the name for an ethnic group of people that still live on areas in Sierra Nevada and Tayrona National Park. They are descendents of Tayronas who lived centuries ago. When European conquerors arrived in America they passed through the area which is nowadays Tayrona National Park. Imagine how impressed they were to see those amazing landscapes of pristine beauty.

What to do in Pueblito?

We tasted and learnt about Hayo. Which is coca leaves mixed with smashed snail shells, that gave us energy to walk long distances. Koguis often use Hayo. It’s mind boggling to see how simply and harmoniously with nature they live. Indigenous people find disrespectful to say “Coca Leaf”, they prefer to call it Hayo Leaf, because it’s a sacred plant. 

Keep in mind that you can visit Cabo San Juan from Pueblito Chayrama, be prepare for a great hiking through rocks and wild forests.

Pueblito Chayrama path
Path of stones going down from Pueblito to Cabo San Juan

How to get to Pueblito Chayrama?

TRANSPORTATION: Take a Bus in Santa Marta’s Market to Tayrona National Park and tell the bus driver to drop you in Calabazo. When you get there ask to local people about the way to Tayrona Park Entrance. Fee in this gate is the same as El Zaino Entrance prices. 

Map to Calabazo: Entrance of Tayrona Park


From Calabazo to Pueblito is a 3 hour trek and to reach Cabo San Juan at least 2 more hours, but the path is mostly covered by big trees and giant stones at the end. If you’re in to heavy hiking take the way to Pueblito from Cabo San Juan.


In the path to Pueblito Chayrama you’ll find a signal to Playa Brava, one of the beaches of Tayrona National Park, this isn’t a beach to swim.

RECOMMENDATION:  Take enough water and snacks, the way is a little bit hard.

Best Tours to visit Pueblito Chayrama

Maybe you’re wondering wether to pay or not a tour to Pueblito Chayrama. It’s possible to do it by your own, the path to Pueblito has signs but taking a tour is a better experience, because a local can teach you more about the history of this place. In our case we visited Pueblito with Tierra Nativa Kogui, we received a special blessing from the Mamo of the community and good tips about nature.

If you’re reading this post in 2019 or 2020, Pueblito Chayrama is currently closed, but some of the agencies we recommend to visit this place, also have tours to other indigenous communities:

Tierra Nativa Kogui

Magic Tour

Wiwa Tour

Chayrama Agency


Way out of Pueblito Chayrama
Exit of Pueblito Chayrama, home of indigenous people in Colombia
Kogui pictograms on stones
Indigenous pictograms on a stone, close to Pueblito Chayrama