Piscinita is an idilic beach in Tayrona National Park. It holds a sort of exclusive beauty. That’s because it seems not many people know or hear about Piscinita Beach. It’s easy to get there, just walk five minutes from Cañaveral beach which actually, isn’t a hard trekking or hiking, in particular it’s described as a relaxing walking. It begins in the parking area where you have to decide if going to Cabo San Juan, 9 Piedras Trail or the already mentioned Cañaveral. 

 You will walk through a camping site with many trees and green grass. Also public bathrooms you can use for free. After 20 minutes approximately, there’s a restaurant and immediately, the entrance to Cañaveral beach.

Piscinita Eco Habs Tayrona
People enjoying Piscinita Tayrona Park

Eco Habs, which is a fancy hotel with spa, and private lodges with indigenous Kogui design is settled close to this beach. Passing to the left next to many big rocks, there’s a small and beautiful beach called Piscinita, don’t relate it with Piscina Natural. But, in Piscinita you can swim too.

This Caribbean Beach is also part of Eco Habs. You can use comfortable beach chairs, drink a beer and even there’s a lifeguard. We hope you give a chance to this beautiful beach in Tayrona Park. Keep in mind, after Piscinita you can connect with Arrecifes trail that takes you to Cabo San Juan.

Piscinita is a beautiful, but less visited beach

FOR THE RECORD: You don’t have to spend almost 300.000 COP to enjoy the beauty of this beach, some people may think they have to pay because, the beach is just in front of Eco Habs hotel but it’s free.

KEEP GOING TO CABO SAN JUAN: Piscinita beach connects with Arrecifes trail that takes you to Cabo San Juan.

Piscinita Beach in Tayrona
Blue sea in Piscinita Beach, located in Cañaveral Trail of Trayrona Park

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