Piscina Natural is a magnificent work of nature in Tayrona National Park. Its tide is so soft that it seems to be a swimming pool. That condition is due to some rocks placed in such a way that they act as a wave barriers,  those rocks are also the home for corals and fish.

After Cabo San Juan, Piscina is well known as one of the most beautiful beaches within Tayrona National Park. Therefore, it’s often visited by tourists. 

The beach doesn’t have a campsite, to camp you’ll need to stay in Arrecifes or Cabo.

Piscina Natural is a beach for swimming
It’s common to see little fish swimming aroud your legs in Piscina Natural

About Piscina Natural beach

WHAT TO DO? In this caribbean beach you can swim, take a snorkeling tour (you can do it by your own if you have goggles or snorkel) or just enjoy the amazing view. Piscina natural is a must stop in Tayrona Park before continuing to Cabo San Juan.

LOCATION: It’s 20 minutes before Cabo San Juan Beach.

WHERE TO EAT? Piscina Natural has no restaurants nearby, so bring your own food or try Cabo San Juan’s food. If you’re thirsty in front of the beach you’ll find a guy that sells drinks (water, gatorade and beers).


Tayrona Park Piscina Natural
Famous Piscina Natural Tayrona Park
Hiking to Piscina Natural
Piscina Natural, Arrecifes Trail. Tayrona Natural Park

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