Most Popular Hostels in Tayrona National Park Area
Costeño Beach Hostel

I’m talking about those kind of hostels everyone speaks when you ask them: Where did you stay in Tayrona National Park ? Non of the hostels are not inside of the park, but close enough to the main entrance (El Zaino).

Costeño Beach:

This is the favorite place for many young people, surf, skate and drink enough to get tipsy for a while. Costeño has a good vibe and you can do yoga, take a day trip to close places, having a spa day or enjoy the sea view of the hostel. It’s located in Guachaca, a little town 20 km from Tayrona National Park, still close taking a bus.

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Costeño Beach Hostel

One of the best hostels in Tayrona Park Area

El Rio Hostel

El Río Hostel is a wonderful place to meet new people, connect with nature and animals. It’s a place for adventurous people, you can do tubing nearby, hiking, taking yoga classes and watch Howler Monkeys. They don’t have Wi-Fi but the river and great atmosphere replace this little issue, also they have enough space to practice sports like volleyball and basketball. Definitely a place you must visit!

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Gitana del Mar

If you prefer to stay in a peaceful hostel, away from parties and connect with Caribbean Sea, choose Gitana del Mar. It has beautiful private rooms for couples and groups. The place is covered by  some kind of relaxing vibe. They offer different activities like horse riding, tours to Tayrona National Park, spa, massages, yoga and kayaking.

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La Brisa Tranquila

This hostel is a sort of calm version of La Brisa Loca (A party hostel from Santa Marta City) but located just in front of the Caribbean Sea and a chill atmosphere. Still they have a nice bar and it’s mostly visited by young couples and backpackers. The bungalows and dorms have a typical beach style.

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Merecumbé Hotel

Merecumbé is located 13 km from Tayrona National Park, the hotel  has amazing private and shared rooms. Views in the area are awesome because it’s just in front of the beach. You can still find some rivers and streams nearby, Buritaca river is just 1 km from the accomodation.

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Yuluka Hostel

This is the best place to stay if you want to be close from Tayrona Park, Yuluka is located 1 km from El Zaino entrance. Food here is a remarkable plus and  custumer services is one of the best. You can choose a double room or a dorm. It’s close to Piedra River, where you can chill and take some pictures. Its location is good, because you just have to cross the street to take a direct bus to Tayrona’s main gate.

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Journey Hostel

This is a hostel with affordable prices and it’s mostly visited by backpackers. Journey Hostel is on top of a little hill, this provides enjoyable views. They have an extra point for giving free filtered water to their visitors and offering tours to some hidden waterfalls in the area. Also it’s close, specifically 1 km from the entrance, to Tayrona National Park. Pitifully, Journey doesn’t have a pool and they are still under constuction.

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Manigua Tayrona

This is a good location for those who want to visit Tayrona National Park using Calabazo entrance, it’s very close to this entrance and ab0ut 20 minutes by bus from El Zaino. The hostel has a beautiful camping area, very quiet, simple rooms, reasonable prices and you can decide to take a room with jacuzzi 😉

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What you must know if you decide to stay in a hostel close to Tayrona Park?

  • Remember Tayrona is a countryside area, so it’s very hard to find ATM service. Bring enough cash.
  • Some of these are in the middle of jungle, so probably once in a while you’ll find some animals around.
  • In the main gate of Tayrona Park you’ll find products you may not find close to one of these hostels, like sunscreen or repellant (Try to buy a good one with high DEET percentage).
  • It’s hard to find products like yellow cheese and vegetables in the area.
  • Anyway, whether you stay in Tayrona you’ll be close to other natural attractions, Lost City and Kogui Communities

Hostels in Tayrona | Bonus Track:

Ecohostal Río Piedra

In spite we selected most popular hostels in Tayrona, there are some interesting and new proposals in the area. Because, everyday it’s getting more touristic. We stayed a long time in Ecohostal Rio Piedra, a hostel 1 km from Tayrona Park. The place has an amazing pool, way better than other hostels in the area, the place is growing everyday. They’re finishing a campsite with a beautiful viewpoint inside the jungle and also they are located a few steps from Piedra River. Its bar has a super stylish paitings made with neon colors.

One of the best things you can also find in Rio Piedra is a shared kitchen with enough space to cook your meal in peace.

Most of the times the owner of Rio Piedra gives a free shuttle to El Zaino entrace.

The Jungle Project

It’s a nice treehouse, located on the banks of Guachaca River. For sure you dreamed this kind of things being a child! You’ll find a wonderful deep forest around, a beautiful river nearby and peaceful ambiance. Indeed this is not a place for any traveler, because is a more aventurous choice. The owners are nature lovers, therefore they’ll recommend you hidden waterfalls.

Bohemia Beach

It’s a guest house close to Costeño Beach, a wise decision if you’re up to calm and less party time. The beach is the first bright side of this accomodation, vegetarian food is great and the guest house is near from two rivers.

Do you know another hostel that deserve to be on this list? give us a comment!


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