Los Naranjos – Tayrona Park

Los Naranjos beach is part of a set of hotels close to Tayrona National Park.  The magic of the place is that Piedra river meets the sea, creating a sort of lagoon. The sea is perfect for surfing. There is a secret road that connects with Tayrona Park. It’s easy to see monkeys on the path.

As you can see on the pictures, sunset in Los Naranjos is usually stunning and it’s a place to avoid crowds.

River Piedra, Los Naranjos Beach
Los Naranjos – Hotel Casa Barlovento

The most affordable place to stay in the area of Los Naranjos is Playa Los Angeles Camping, located about 2km from Tayrona National Park entrance (El Zaino).

Close to Los Naranjos is Playa Los Angeles, but to reach this beach you must pay an entrance fee (5.000 COP).

How to reach this place?

Stay in one of the luxury hotels in the area, paying entrance to Los Angeles Camping or walking inside Tayrona National Park using a hidden path with no signals. The same bus that stops in Tayrona Park goes to Los Naranjos.


What to know about Los Naranjos?

Take your own food because, if you stay in a hotel inside this area, it’s hard to find food at least you eat in the restaurant of your accomodation.

Sunset in Los Naranjos beach, Tayrona Park
Sunset in Los Naranjos beach, Tayrona Park. Close to Hotel Casa Barlovento.