Trekking up to the mountains, about 3 hours from Tayrona National Park, there are Kogui communities. They are indigenous that live according ancient traditions and Tayrona worldview. Some of them are open to tourism, with Kogui or local tourist guides, while others are hidden to visitors.

Visiting a Kogui community
Some Kogui indigenous live hidden in mountains of Sierra Nevada (Santa Marta)

More information about Kogui communities

TOURS: It’s rare to find tours to visit a Kogui Community due to some of the tribes are hermetic. 

We recommend to take this type of tour with Tierra Nativa Kogui or Wiwa Tour to know Wiwa community, other tribe from the Sierra Nevada.

WILDLIFE: On the way to these communities you’ll see nature, monkeys, gorgeous landscapes and views to the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.  

TAKE A LOOK TO A KOGUI COMMUNITY: If having cultural exchange with indigenous people is one of your dreams. This is a great opportunity to know their real life. 

Kogui village
Kogui village hidden in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta


Goddess Stone of Kogui
Sacred stone to Uldezhaxa and Duanamake, both Kogui communities.

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