Is Yellow Fever Vaccination Required to Enter Tayrona?

Yellow fever vaccination is one of the things you might need during your trip to Colombia. But, is it mandatory to visit Tayrona? The answer is no.
Is someone checking your yellow fever card when you enter to Tayrona? No. According to National Parks of Colombia it’s recommended, therefore not a requirement.

Some travelers avoid to pay to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever, because in their countries is truly expensive or just because they want to save money. Still, health must be a priority.

Fortunately, if you travel to Colombia taking a flight to Bogotá it’s possible to be vaccinated for FREE. Colombian Goverment has 5 places where application of Yellow Fever vaccine is permanent. You must remember to have Yellow Fever vaccination 10 days before you visit an area in risk of transmission.

Where to get Free Yellow Fever Vaccination in Bogotá?

Areas in risk of Yellow Fever in Colombia

  • Amazonas, Caquetá, Casanare, Cesar, Guainía, Guaviare, Guajira, Meta, Putumayo, Vaupés y Vichada.
  • Magdalena: Santa Marta, Ciénaga y Aracataca.
  • North of Santander: Convención, El Carmen, El Tarra, Teorama, Sardinata, Tibú, El Zulia, Hacarí y San Calixto.
  • Chocó: Río Sucio, Carmen del Darién, Juradó, Nuquí y Unguía
  • Antioquia: Dabeiba, Mutatá, Turbo y Yondó.

Yellow Fever Vaccination is cheaper in Colombia

In case your airplane doesn’t land in Bogotá, you will have pay for the vaccine in other city, because only in the colombian capital you can acquire it for free. Prices goes from 70.000 COP to 80.000 COP, around 25 USD.


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