Santa Marta's Market Bus stop to Tayrona Park

1. Take a public bus

The best way to go to Tayrona National Park from Santa Marta is taking a public bus. Reach the bus stop in Santa Marta’s Market.

Keep in mind that this bus also goes directly to Palomino. Tayrona National Park is located on Troncal Caribe, this is a straight and long road. Because of this, buses to Tayrona Park make several stops, some of them in places like Calabazo, Río Don Diego, Buritaca, Guachaca and Mendihuaca

If you are going to stay in a hostel located nearby El Zaino, you can also take this bus. Don’t forget to tell the bus driver 
the name of your accomodation.


Price and departures of Tayrona Park Public Buses


7.000 COP – 8.000 COP per person (From Santa Marta to Tayrona entrance) 

10.000 COP per person (From Santa Marta to Palomino)

Departures:  They start to work at 7:00 am. These Buses don’t have an exact departure, and you can’t book in advance. The last bus goes at 6:00 pm, but to make sure you find a bus, be there at 5:00 pm. 

Where is Santa Marta’s Market?

Santa Marta's Market Bus stop to Tayrona Park
Santa Marta’s Market is the best place to take a bus to Tayrona National Park.

Just in front of Nativos Juices you will find buses to Tayrona Park and Minca. To get there, it’s easier to take a taxi, it might cost around 6.000 COP or 7.000 COP, from Santa Marta downtown.

What to do if you missed the last bus to Tayrona Area?

PRO TIP:  In Mamatoco Gas Station you can also take a private bus to Riohacha, these buses also make stops in hostels of Tayrona Area. The last departure is at 10:00 pm. It’s not the best option, for sure, but if you don’t want to pay 180.000 COP to take a taxi.

Still it’s good to know about this if you’re planning to visit Cabo de la Vela. Or whether you’re staying in some hostel of Troncal Caribe Road, you just need to wait on the street to catch a bus to Riohacha (35.000 COP), they run often on this road. 

2. Taking a non private taxi

Also in Mamatoco Gas Station you can take a non private taxi, shared vehicle with people you don’t know. (20.000 COP per person)

2. Taking a private cap

If you don’t like to wait and prefer a quiet trip to Tayrona in a private cap, you must know prices are higher at night. Normally a taxi will charge you from 170.000 COP to 200.000 COP from the city center.

Where is Mamatoco Gas Station?

4. Shuttle bus to Tayrona Park

Some People decide to book a shuttle bus service to visit Tayrona Park, it’s an option to avoid transfers. One of the most safe service is Marsol, it’s a good choice if you come from Cartagena, Barranquilla or  Rodadero. They also have transpotation from Taganga, Minca and Palomino.

Marsol supposed to be a door to door service, but sometimes they don’t pick you in front of the hostel. So ask first if they can do it or not, because they have some restrictions. Whether you are in Cartagena they don’t pick people in neighborhoods like: Getsemani, Center, Bocagrande, Laguito, Castillogrande o North area.

Price: 65.000 COP – 70.000 COP

They don’t have a website to book, therefore you must contact them sending a whatsapp message or calling:

  • Barranquilla: +57 319 760 1810
  • Cartagena: +57 319 691 9185
  • SantaMarta: +57 319 637 7288
  • Rodadero: +57 319 773 0428