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Tayrona Park Cabo San Juan Beach

The average travelers choose to stay two or three nights in Tayrona National Park. Depending on your budget or travel schedule. If you ever wonder how many nights should you spend in Tayrona this post is for you, we decide to create some itineraries to enhance your experience in this natural beauty, specifying travel budget, trails and activities.

One Night in Tayrona National Park: very tight

Budget: Approximately COP (Taking your own food)

One night in Tayrona Park


Depending on where you’re staying (Santa Marta, Taganga, Minca or nearby Tayrona Park) try to start early. On morning you’ll avoid heat. El Zaino Entrance is open since 8:00 am.

If you’re in good shape it’s possible to walk the main trails of El Zaino in one day: Nueve Piedras, Cañaveral and Arrecifes. These three are connected, to know more about Tayrona Trails and its beaches click here.

Time: About 6 hours walking, starting from the parking area. You may arrive to Cabo San Juan around 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm.

  •  Remember to take your own snacks and water.


  • Try the “best bread in Tayrona Park”.
  • Enjoy a walk and soak in Arrecifes Trail Beaches.
  • Buy a beer and see the sunset in Cabo San Juan.


  • Sleep in Arrecifes camping or Cabo San Juan

The next morning: Wake up early to see a great sunrise in Cabo San Juan. Take the way back to El Zaino, about 2 hours walking from Cabo.


One Night itinerary visiting Pueblito Chayrama

Budget: 220.000 COP going by yourself and about 520.000 COP paying for Kogui guidance

One night itinerary visiting Pueblito Chayrama

You can take this trail by yourself but some companies offer guidance (around 300.000 COP) and this may enhance the experience to know more about Kogui culture, whether you’re interested in it.

Time: Calabazo Trail leads to Pueblito Chayrama and Cabo San Juan Beach, it takes at least a 5 hours walking to reach Cabo but, this entrance doesn’t have long waiting queue.


  • Access to the park through Calabazo entrance at 8:00 am


  • Know Pueblito Chayrama ruins
  • Arrive to Cabo San Juan at 1:00 pm
  • Enjoy Cabo San Juan, walk to Piscina Natural and Arenillas Beach.
  • Get back to Cabo to see sunset
  • Experience a snorkeling tour in Piscina Natural Beach (40.000 COP)


  • Sleep in Cabo

The next morning:

  • Walk to Nudist beach and Boca del Saco
  • Get back to El Zaino entrace by Arrecifes Trail.


Tayrona Park: One day itinerary going by boat from Taganga 

Budget:  130.000 COP  if you go back to Taganga the same day and eat something in the park

Budget 2: Around COP whether you stay in the park

How to take a boat to Tayrona Park


Going to Taganga to Tayrona by boat is for those who don’t enjoy hiking, but you must have enough patience for a fuzzy way.


  • Take a boat in Taganga to Cabo San Juan ( COP per round trip)
  • You have the chance to walk quickly all the beaches nearby Cabo San Juan until the afternoon.


The boat tour gives you two options, staying in Tayrona, paying only 50.000 COP or going back to Taganga.


  • You would spend the night in Cabo or Arrecifes

The next day:

  • Wake up early and go back walking though El Zaino entrance or pick a horse ride (40.000 COP) to go faster.


NOTE: If you do the park just in one day it probabbly will be exhausting, at least your physical condition exceeds average.


Two Day itinerary to visit Tayrona Park 

Budget: Approximately 570.000 COP (Taking your own food)

2 day itinerary to visit Tayrona Park
What to do in Tayrona during 2 days



  • Acces to Tayrona Park using El Zaino Entrance.


  • Go to Cabo San Juan and visit nearby beaches (Arenillas, Piscina Natural, Boca del Saco, Nudist Beach)
  • Take a snorkeling tour in Cabo San Juan or Piscina Natural (40.000 COP)


  • Sleep in Cabo San Juan or Arrecifes Camping




  •  Walk to El Zaino entrance and take a taxi (250.000 COP) to La Palangana (A path to Neguanje Bay) where you can take a boat to Playa Cristal (35.000 COP each person), one of the best beaches in Tayrona Park, less visited beacause its location. Some people reach this beach by boat from Taganga.



  • Relax, take a few drinks and sleep like a baby.


3 Day itinerary to visit Tayrona

Budget:  Approximately 650.000 COP  (Taking your own food)

3 days in Tayrona Park
What to do if you stay 3 days in Tayrona Park?

DAY 1:

Select a boat day with Tayrona Sailing in Santa Marta’s Center.


  • Take a Tayrona Sailing day trip to beaches in the middle of nowhere, most of the tourists visit Tayrona beaches within Arrecifes Trail and they don’t enjoy beaches like Cinto, Gairaca, Playa Amor, Granate, Playa Cristal, Neguanje and Guachaquita. This tour takes you to some of these unfrequented places depeding on the wind conditions (150.000 COP – including lunch).


  • Sleep in Santa Marta


DAY 2:


  •  Pick a bus to Tayrona National Park (El Zaino Entrance ) at 7:00 am
  • Start Arrecifes Trail
  • Arrive to Cabo San Juan


  • Walk through nearby beaches (Arenillas, Piscina Natural, Nudist Beach and Boca del Saco)


  • Sleep in Cabo or Arenillas



  • Go to Pueblito Chayrama hiking from Cabo San Juan (Early, this path can be a 5 hours walking)


  • Choose to stay in a hostel close to Tayrona Park Area


  • Your body is going to be exhausted for sure, so take a good nap.


If your budget exceeds 1.000.000 COP to visit Tayrona National Park, and not everybody spends this ammount. Magic Tour has a four day trek tour visiting unfrequented beaches of Tayrona and Cabo San Juan. But, most of travelers choose to invest in a Lost City Trek.

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