First Time Seeing a Tití Monkey in Tayrona National Park Area
Tití monkey Tayrona National Park

I’m from Chile, so I only had seen monkeys on movies or videos. I mean, National Geographic, Animal Planet or Profesor Rosa which is a Chilean tv show that I used to watch in my childhood. It was about nature and animals. However, I confess that before my journey, I didn’t know there are so many species of monkeys. Obviously, I already knew about Gorillas, Orangutans, chimpanzees etc. But, they are from Africa. I heard that Amazonas and Asia are the home of different kind of monkeys too.

Therefore, great was my surprise that so close to Santa Marta, specifically in Tayrona National Park and surroundings, live at least three species of monkeys.

One day walked to the river was enough to look up the enormous trees and see two small white black monkeys. They were like little cats jumping from one branch to another. It looked so easy. I noticed they were different from monkeys that I used to see (on tv or movies, remember it was my first live monkey) First of all, they were pretty small, actually smaller than a cat, but with a long tail.

The head made all the difference, because it seemed like a latin jopo mohawk hairstyle. In spite of their size, the way they look made them magnificent and to me it was like they hide an enormous wisdom, like Rafiki from Lion King movie.



Later, I realized that those small and magnificent monkeys were Micos Titíes. They are so Colombian, probably they’d enjoy a “tintico” too. Actually, they only live in Colombia, particularly on the area of Tayrona Park and surroundings.


This special primate is endangered. Mico Tití needs more connection between forests in order to allow genetic exchange and to avoid territorial disputes. Meanwhile, they enjoy protection from Tayrona Park, where you can see them jumping skilfully above trees, moving in couples or big families.

Remember and value the privilege to see an unique animal that only lives in this Colombian area. Mico Tití Cabeciblanco.

By: Guti Aventurero


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