Cabo San Juan is for sure, the most famous beach in this area of Tayrona National Park. Probably, everyone who has been there can tell you why. Cabo is formed by two beaches separated by an iconic mount of rocks and vegetation.

Caribbean palms, green mountains full of trees and plants, blue or turquoise sea (depending on sunlight) and incredible rocky formations are also part of the landscape.

Cabo San Juan de Guía beautiful beach
Cabo San Juan, the most beautiful beach in Tayrona Park

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Things you should know about Cabo San Juan

Cabo San Juan area has a camping site, restaurant, kiosk, football field and toilets. Be prepared to share and enjoy the beach with travellers from all over the world.

TIMING: It’s a 2 hours trek from the parking area of Tayrona National Park and 20 minutes walking from Piscina Natural. 

On the summit, there’s a house where you can rent a hammock or just enjoy the amazing view. To book  a place you can do it in the main entrance of the Park or when you arrive to Cabo, depending on the season try to make a reservation in advance. 

Cabo San Juan in Tayrona
Cabo San Juan Beach: Tayrona National Park
Cabo San Juan view from rocks
Cabo San Juan Beach during low season

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