This is a huge beach, so you can walk along it enjoying the loneliness of the area and take some good pics.

Boca del Saco is a rarely visited beach, most of the tourists only go to Tayrona National Park to visit Cabo San Juan. There are no chances to camp in this area, sometimes the guards of Tayrona are checking the place.

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Boca de Saco is a beach in Tayrona Park
Boca del Saco Beach is a lonely place of Tayrona National Park

Things you should know about Boca del Saco

TIMING: It’s located 8 minutes walking from Nudist Beach.

AVOID CROWDS: Boca del Saco is an isolated beach with rip currents, but really nice to take a rest from the sun. Because, there are plenty trees that provide shadow to the visitors.

THERE ARE NO RESTAURANTS: The closest restaurants are located in Cabo San Juan, 20 minutes walking from Boca del Saco. 

NOTE: No official campings in Boca del Saco.

Boca del Saco
Tayrona isolated beach called Boca del Saco


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