Arrecifes hike takes you to Cabo San Juan, which is the most famous beach in this area of Tayrona National Park.

As soon as you get the parking area -the place where trails begin- you’ll see a sign that indicates Arrecifes. Follow the well marked path. There are wooden walkways surrounded by giant rocks, enormous trees with big roots, extraordinary animals and climbing plants too.

In the first viewpoint, besides the amazing view, you can enjoy a local ice cream called “boli”. Through the trail, you’ll also see Koguis (indigenous people) selling natural juices.

Arrecifes Trail is easy to follow while you enjoy jungle, rocks, mountains, wildlife, beaches. All in one place. You’ll get different beaches in this order: Arrecifes, which is not allowed for swimming. Then, Arenillas and Piscina Natural, both for swimming. Finally, in the top, Cabo San Juan de GuΓ­a.

Viewpoint Tayrona Park
Viewpoint in Arrecifes Trail, Tayrona Park

Arrecifes is the most frequented path in Tayrona Park

THERE ARE NO BIG STORES IN THE PATH: Keep in mind sun hits hard, wear sunscreen and take with you enough water. There are no stores on the way, you must buy beverages and food close to the main entrace. 

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO CABO?: Depending on your speed, it might take you 2 or 3 hours to reach Cabo San Juan.

Tayrona Park Cabo San Juan
Cabo San Juan is a famous beach of Tayrona National Park


Arrecifes Tail Tayrona
Arrecifes Trail: Wooden walkways
Arrecifes Trail rocks in Tayrona
View of sea walking though Arrecifes Trail

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