Arenillas Lagoon is sometimes avoided by tourists. Because, Colombian Caimans live in its depths. In fact all Tayrona National Park lagoons have presence of these reptiles.

In spite of the beautiful Arenillas Lagoon is forbidden for swimming, but you can still take nice pictures from Arenillas Beach sight.

Arenillas Lagoon in Tayrona
Arenillas Lagoon and mountains in Tayrona National Park

Some information about Arenillas Lagoon

A GOOD ADVICE: Don’t try to walk along Arrecifes Beach or in front of Arenillas Lagoon. Because, some Caimans get sun in the area and it’s a zone where turtles spawn.

LOCATION: Arenillas Lagoon is located on the right side of Arenillas Beach, part of Arrecifes Trail.

LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO STAY?: Close to this area you’ll find some campsites. From Arenillas Lagoon to Piscina Natural you only need to walk 10 minutes.


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