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We don’t even like to call ourselves authors, sounds like a big deal to something has been already done by others too, so we tried to make this formal according to our experience in the park. We worked in a hostel so close to the park that we’ve been there many times! 

Raúl Gutiérrez Morales, called by his friends as “Guti”, he was born in Curanilahue (Chile). He is a teacher, but he left his home and job to travel through South America exploring and taking a lot of pictures of landscapes  in Chile, Perú, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. 

María José Camelo is a Bachelor of Communication Studies, she was born in La Guaira (Venezuela). She worked as a video editor, community manager and graphic designer during 5 years, now she is a digital nomad travelling and  learning about Colombian culture and cities.

Both – Travellers  wanting to share great and useful content, wishing to motivate to travel and explore. 

We Believe in Comunity

Did you find a tip about Tayrona National Park? share it with us, we’ll give you the credit. The idea of this material is to enlightening other travellers.

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