5 Amazing Plans Outside Tayrona National Park, Travel Guide
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Tayrona National Park is famous for its beautiful coast and caribbean beaches. But this time, we offer you activities and plans outside Tayrona National Park. Besides, staying close to Tayrona and only visit this great National Park sometimes isn’t enough to some travelers.

Imagine yourself arriving to your hostel, but it’s quite late to going Tayrona Park, and still early to visit somewhere else. So here you have five plans in Tayrona Park area.

Tubing in Río Don Diego

In this area of Tayrona National Park, there are many rivers that meet the sea. So, why is Río Don Diego special? This river is located around 30 minutes by bus from Tayrona Park, in Palomino direction. You can do tubbing to the sea through a magical path, you will see many enormous trees,  monkeys, different birds and we were surprised because, we saw little caimans. After two enjoyable hours we got the beach and great views of mountains! The return is by boat. Don’t miss this incredible plan.

Don Diego River, Santa Marta, Colombia
Babilla in Don Diego River

Mendihuaca Beach

This is another river that meets the sea. At sunrise and sunset hour, the river gets so calm that seems a mirror water. The beach is great for surfing and bodyboarding. Casa Grande Hostel and Costeño Beach are located in the area. To get there, take a bus to Palomino and ask driver about Mendihuaca. Then, you can walk around 20 minutes to the beach, or take a motorbike.

Mendihuaca River
Mendihuaca River


This lively beach location is around 1 hour from Tayrona Park. Ticket costs 7.000 COP. There are many markets that sells fruits. Besides, it’s easy to find hostels, bars and nice restaurants. Palomino has a special vibe, very attractive for travelers. There’s also a river that meets the sea where you can see Colón Peak as part of Sierra Nevada. Other activities are tubing and surfing.

Palomino River, La Guajira
Palomino River

Quebrada Valencia

This is an amazing trekking into the jungle. To visit this beautiful felt of water. Take a bus to Palomino direction. There’s a sign on the road that shows the entrance which costs 3000 COP. The trail is easy to follow. While you see birds, many trees and Guaduas. And those impressive rocks that have been sculpted by water from millennia.

Playa Los Cocos

This Caribbean Beach is perfect to chill. Palms, soft sand, waves and blue sea are part of Los Cocos landscape. Even, there’s a restaurant where you can try a delicious Pargo fish. This beach isn’t as crowded as other beaches in the area. It’s located around 40 minutes walking from Tayrona Park, in El Zaino entrance, or 10 minutes by bus.

Now you have five trips to enhance your experience in Tayrona Park Area. It’s well to know that you can also going these places taking a bus from Santa Marta.

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Los Cocos Beach is nearby Tayrona Park

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