10 THINGS to do in TAYRONA National Park
Dive in Tayrona

What to do in Tayrona National Park? Parque Tayrona is a vast area with amazing landscapes and breathtaking caribbean beaches. Having Cabo San Juan as one of the most visited. However, there are plenty of things to do in the park besides Cabo San Juan. 

-Walk within 9 Piedras Trail

Take a decision and go along 9 Piedras Trail! Tayrona worldview and breathtaking views of the Caribbean sea are waiting for you.

Starting 9 Piedras trail in Tayrona National Park.
Rocks created 9 Piedras Trail entrance

-Climbing: under your own risk

Cañaveral beach has big rocks where you can climb and get an amazing aerial view. This is a good option for those who has trained in this kind of sports.

Cañaveral viewpoint
Stones in Cañaveral, Tayrona National Park

-Get Naked in Tayrona

Go to Nudist Beach and do not take off your clothes. Walk  to Boca del Saco Beach! gain confidence and practice nudism.

Boca del Saco
Tayrona isolated beach called Boca del Saco

-Dive in Tayrona Park

Sign up for a fun dive session inside Tayrona National Park, you can take a diving tour in Taganga or Santa Marta’s historic centre. Caribbean Pro Dive  is a good option if you’re in Santa Marta, they take you to amazing spots in Tayrona where you appreciate stunning animals. Being lucky you’ll probably see a ship inside the sea.

Diving in Tayrona Park
Diving in Tayrona National Park

-Don’t take a bus in the main entrance, the way is full of curious creatures

Use extra energy, don’t take the van to the parking area (where main trails begin) and walk through the main highway of the park. It is surrounded by enormous trees and vegetation. Where you might hear and see Howler Monkeys.

-Free Snorkeling

Go for free snorkeling in Piscina Natural, Close to rocks and in the seawall there are corals and multicolored fish. But! remember to care corals by not touch them.

Fish in Tayrona Park
Snorkeling in Piscina Natural

-Visit a Kogui Community (Pueblito)

Recieve a blessing of Mamo (the spiritual guide of Kogui Community) in Pueblito Chayrama, after a hard but marvelous hike from Cabo San Juan.

Pueblito Chayrama community
Pueblito Chayrama is covered by big trees

-Find beach chairs in Cañaveral Trail

Take a Caribbean tan in the comfortable beach chairs of Piscinita, next to Cañaveral beach

-Try to take a picture of a Caiman

Take a look at Arenillas’s lagoon.  Maybe, you could see a caiman!

-Don’t be lazy, try to make the loop

Take an outstanding loop of the park, starting with 9 Piedras trail, then Cañaveral beach, Piscinita beach. After that, take Arrecifes trail that takes you to Arenillas, Piscina Natural, Cabo San Juan, Nudist beach and Boca del Saco beach. All treks are connected!

Tayrona Park Trails
Wodden walkway in Tayrona Park

Have you done any of these tips? Would you add another unmissable experience at Tayrona Park?

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