¡A Complete Guide to Visit Tayrona Park in 2019!

Tayrona National Park (Parque Nacional Tayrona) is a wonderful protected area that holds variety of vegetation, marine species, coral reef, incredible landscapes and endangered animals. It’s located in the northern zone of Colombia, specifically in Santa Marta (Magdalena Department).

Tayrona park has 12,000 hectares of land and 3,000 hectares of marine strip, being home of 350 types of winged creatures, 471 of crustaceans, 15 of amphibian creatures, 31 sorts of reptiles, 202 of wipes and 50 types of coral reefs.

In Tayrona and its surroundings is possible to see amazing species of monkeys: Howler Monkey, Tití Monkey and Capuchin or Maicero Monkey.

Common questions about Tayrona Park (Parque Tayrona)

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Iconic places in Tayrona Park


Tayrona Park Cabo San Juan
Cabo San Juan is a famous beach of Tayrona National Park


Piscina Natural is a beach for swimming
It’s common to see little fish swimming aroud your legs in Piscina Natural


Tayrona Arrecifes Arenillas beach
Arenillas Beach in Arrecifes trail, Tayrona


Pueblito Chayrama community
Pueblito Chayrama is covered by big trees


Arenillas Lagoon in Tayrona
Arenillas Lagoon and mountains in Tayrona National Park


Piscinita Eco Habs Tayrona
People enjoying Piscinita Tayrona Park

Natural Attractions Nearby Tayrona 

Visit Kogui communities in Sierra Nevada ▷ CLICK HERE

Goddess Stone of Kogui
Sacred stone to Uldezhaxa and Duanamake, both Kogui communities.

How many entrances does Tayrona Park have?

Tayrona National Park has three official gates

1. El Zaino:

This is the most well known entrance, because it’s the main one.

Beaches and trails of El Zaino

Views in 9 Piedras Trail, Tayrona Park
A view walking through 9 Piedras Trail, Tayrona Park

2. La Palangana:

This entrance is before El Zaino, usually visited by tourists with car or taxi, because, there is no public transportation to La Palangana road. A taxi from Santa Marta to La Palangana gate would charge you approximately 270.000 COP and if you’re close to El Zaino about 200.000 COP.

The path will give you access to Playa Cristal, Neguanje beach, Chengue Beach, Gairaca Beach and Cinto Bay. Some of the best isolated beaches of the park.

3. Calabazo:

Since february 2019 Calabazo gate remain closed. It was the trail to Pueblito Chayrama, a Kogui community inside Tayrona National Park. This place has native ruins, terraces made of stone and covered big trees. Before february 2019, some of the indigenous monuments on the path were forbidden. But now, because of agreements between National Parks of Colombia and Indigenous communities of Sierra Nevada the area is not longer available for tourism. Also they agreed the closure of Chengue beach and Los Naranjos.

Calabazo trail ends in Cabo San Juan beach, but it also has a detour to Playa Brava. We had the chance to visit Pueblito, so if you want to see some pictures, click this link.

Viewpoint Tayrona Park
Viewpoint in Tayrona Park

Entrance fee of Tayrona Park

Low Season: 45.000 COP per person (colombians pay 18.000 COP)

High Season: 65.000 COP per person  (Plus a compulsory insurance, depending on how many days you’ll stay in the park)

  • Students until 26 years old have a little disccount, but they must show
    an active credential.

Tayrona work schedule:

8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Try to start the hike early) 

Transportation to Tayrona

The last bus to Tayrona area departures at 6:00 pm but, try to be there at least at 5:00 pm, sometimes they leave before. Depending on the number of passengers. They start to work at 7:00 am.


Parque Tayrona: What you must know

– Don’t bring alcohol to Tayrona Park!

– Don’t forget you passport!

– Bring mosquito Repellant, snacks and toilet paper.

– If you want to use a drone inside Tayrona you need special permission provided by the main office of Tayrona National Park.


Where can you swim in Tayrona Park?

Swim in Tayrona Park
Safe beaches to swim in Tayrona Park

Nature and especially the sea and its powerful tide is unpredictable. That’s why many beaches in Tayrona Park are forbidden. The following is the list of the  beaches where you can swim:

Playa Cristal, Bahía Concha, Cinto, Gayraca, Neguanje, Chengue and Guachakyta. In Zaino Area are Piscinita, Arenillas, Piscina Natural and Cabo San Juan.

Avoid to swim in beaches like Playa Brava, Cañaveral, Arrecifes, 7 Olas, Castilletes, Nudist Beach and Boca del Saco. You can visit them though.        

According to El Heraldo data, more than two hundred people have passed away due to strong ocean tides. So, be careful.

Swimming in Tayrona Park
You can’t swim in some beaches of Tayrona Park

Historical facts about Tayrona Park

Tayrona area is visited by people from all over the world, a lot of European, Latin American and American travelers come to see this wonderful place, specially hiking, adventure and nature lovers.


Historically, Spaniard conquerors entered to America by this area. Long time ago these lands where home of Tayrona community, today named by themselves as Kogui. The group had to change their original name to run and settle into Sierra Nevada, most of  Kogui people still live there.

This Park has the classification of  Natural National Monument since 1964 and it ensures nature and untamed life.

Kogui guide in Sierra Nevada
Luis, a Kogui tourist guide of Tierra Nativa Kogui agency

Some Popular Tours in Tayrona Park

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    4 Days Trek to Lost City [Ciudad Perdida] ➜ Tours in TAYRONA

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  • Visit Neguanje, 7 Olas and Playa Cristal ➜ Tours in TAYRONA

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  • Sailing to Tayrona

    Sailing Day in Tayrona National Park

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  • Discover Scuba Diving in Tayrona Park

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  • Fun Dive in Tayrona National Park

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  • Snorkeling tour in Tayrona National Park

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  • Kogui pictograms on stones

    Tour Tayrona Park and Pueblito Chayrama

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  • PADI Open Water Diving Course in Tayrona

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